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Box Pressed Cat
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Deep Bowl Design

Stinky Ashtrays hold all of your cigars, ashes, bands, stubs, butts, matches and more. Less trips to dump out the bowl.

Wind Resistant

The deep bowl designs help withstand wind from blowing ash out of the ashtray.

Quality Materials

Metal ashtrays don’t break. Some models are made from Solid Stainless Steel to hold up to the elements. The Composite ashtray is also unbreakable.

Multiple Finishes

Choose the look, finish, color and design that matches your style. We have multiple finishes for each of our ashtray lines.

Unbreakable Metal Ashtrays

Made to be durable! Metal and Composite ashtrays do not break if dropped onto the floor.

Various Ashtray Design Models

Table Top Ashtrays – Floor Ashtrays – Car Ashtrays – Small Personal Size Ashtrays – and the World’s Largest Ashtray

Stinky Cigar® Ashtray Models

Stinky Cigar® Floor Standing Models

Stinky Cigar® Ashtray Accessories