Stinky Cigar® ashtrays are designed and made to be functional and durable.  We Guarantee or Warranty structural manufacturing defects.  The structural manufacturing defect warranty has no time limit.  If you have a structural manufacturing defect, please contact me directly by e-mail shown below and include photos.   Damage or abuse is not covered.


Finishes are not covered after the initial 30-day new-product delivery.  If your Stinky Cigar® ashtray arrives with a finish defect, please contact your retailer for a Warrantee replacement.   If your retailer cannot or will not provide you with Warranty service during the initial 30-day new-product delivery period, contact me directly with your proof-of-purchase by e-mail shown below.


After the initial 30-day new-product delivery, we do not cover finishes for fading, chips, scratches, rust*, scorching, pealing, damage, dents or abuse.

  • Rust* on stainless-steel parts, including the stirrups, is a surface condition and can be removed by buffing or with a rust-removing solution. The stainless-steel parts are solid not plated.  If rust forms on a stainless-steel part, it is due to the tiny (microscopic) particles of malleable iron embedded in the surface of the parts during tooling and manufacturing.
  • Powder Coated finishes are applied over malleable iron. Scratches or chips in the powder coated finish may allow rust to form.  Use or storage in high humidity environments is not recommended.
  • Box Pressed models and Designer Faux Finishes are also applied over malleable iron. Any scratch or chip in the Faux finish may allow rust to form.   Use or storage in high humidity environments is not recommended.


We Warrantee Stinky Cigar® products for factory defects.  If your Stinky Cigar® Ashtray fails due to a factory defect, we will cover it and repair or replace!


Please contact me and send photos.


Thank you for your support.