Art Deco Angel Stand – Proposed Finish Colors (info below)

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Art Deco Angel Stand


We are working on development of a new floor standing model to hold an ashtray or anything you’d like to display on this beautiful Art Deco (style) Angel Stand.  We’re showing this now to get feedback from you!  These photos are computer generated images showing different finishes.  The overall height from the floor to the top of the tray is 24 inches.

New Product Development is a step-by-step process beginning with an idea and starts with an artistic concept. We had an artist create a 3-D computer generated model and printed the first model to send to the manufacturer to bid the cost for production molds and the cost to manufacture each one.  At this time, we do not know what the costs will be.  Therefore, we do not know if this product will be feasible to manufacture and sell.  The manufacturer will provide pricing for different materials and/or finishes.  We hope to have options for different materials as well as colors or finishes.  We are asking for material options to be cast in bronze and/or aluminum, etc. Product development can take many months and then, production and shipping to the USA can take several more months.  For updates in the process, feel free to contact me directly.

Please select your favorite color to provide us with feedback on which color you think will be the best or your preferred finish.  Feel free to include your comments!  .. .. .. We would also like to know what you think would be the retail price.  You may want to compare the Art Deco Angle Stand to the hand-painted Cigar Stand we have offered since 2005. PLEASE SHARE YOUR COMMENTS ON OUR CONTACT PAGE.

Art Deco Angel Stand .. .. .. is the proposed new product name.  We deliberately did not use the word “ashtray” in the name because, it’s a “floor standfor an ashtray and does not include an ashtray.  See?  🙂  Any ashtray will set on the top plate the Angle is holding for you.  Of course, ashtrays are sold separately.  So, you can pick your favorite Stinky Cigar ashtray!

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Antique Patina

Antique Patina faux finish

Bright Copper

Bright Copper plated finish

Chrome Plated

Chrome Plated

Copper Coated

Copper Coated Finish

Copper Bronze

Copper Bronze finish

Distressed Aluminum

Distressed Aluminum finish

Distressed Nickel

Distressed Nickel finish

Gloss Black

Gloss Back finish

Gold Plated

Gold Plated finish

Gray Distressed

Gray Distressed faux finish

Matte Nickel

Matte Nickel plated finish

Mute Gray

Mute Gray faux finish

Nickel Plated

Nickel Plated finish

Pale Bronze

Pale Bronze faux finish


Silver plated faux finish

Tarnished Nickel

Tarnished Nickel faux finish

1 review for Art Deco Angel Stand – Proposed Finish Colors (info below)

  1. Doug Hunt

    Fantastic. Please make this. I’ll order one . How tall is it. Any idea of price. I have two of your deep ash trays now. Use it every evening with my cigar and wine.

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