Stinky Cigar® Car Ashtray Black


Stinky Cigar® Car Ashtray – Black

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Stinky Cigar® Car Ashtray Black was designed for REAL cigar smokers! Use this portable ashtray Anywhere and everywhere you go.

  • Ashtray Models
  • Powder Coated Black Finish
  • Unique stainless steel Spring-Clip that I designed myself .. .. .. gently holds your cigar level
  • One stainless steel Stirrup
  • Fits most cup holders (cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, airplanes, private jets, golf carts, campers, limousines, etc.)
  • it’s about 4 1/2″ tall by 3″ diameter Lid and 2 /12″ diameter base
  • give me a call and I’ll measure one for you

What’s so special?

  • Holds a cigar PROPERLY level and GENTLY while in a cup holder!

ANYBODY can produce a cup or a can to hold ash!  But REAL cigar smokers know you must hold the burning cigar level while the cigar is lit and burning!   The heat & smoke from a burning cigar held vertical can make the cigar taste rancid and foul! This unique spring-clip gently holds your cigar while you drive.

Other Suggestions For Use:

The Stinky Cigar® Car Ashtray is designed to fit in the cup holder in your vehicle (car, truck, boat, golf cart, motorcycle, submarine, airplane, private jet, etc.) or just when you’re out for a stroll through the park.  Customers have found that by placing rocks inside the cup will allow you to use the Car Ashtray Black on almost any surface!

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Weight 11 oz