Cutting Station 1.0 the original 2012 model


Cutting Station 1.0 – the Original 2012 Model

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Cutting Station 1.0 the original 2012 model

How many times have you heard: “Where’s the Cutter?” or: “Where’s the Lighter?” The Cutting Station 1.0 the original 2012 model is designed to keep all your cutting and lighting tools organized in one place. The new and improved Cutting Station has all the features of the original Cutting Station!

  • Eight (8) Retractable Cables . . . for cutters & lighters of your choice
  • Oval Mirror with cutters, lighters and cigar images stamped on the frame
    • . . . the mirror is so you can see while lighting the foot of your cigar
  • Two (2) Matchstick Cups made from turned wood blocks . . . to hold Wooden Cigar Matches & old fashioned Cedar Spills
  • Drawer . . . for a can of air, can of butane, mini screwdrivers, extra matches & Cedar Spills
    • includes a Lock & Key to keep your fuel and can of air secure and your guests safe
  • Shelf . . . to hold a Herf Edition or any table top ashtray to deposit end-caps & cellophane
  • Herf Edition another ashtray (optional) . . . to toss the cap-cuts, cellophane, burnt spills & matches, etc.
    • [ cutters & lighters are not included ]
    • Easy Assembly & Installation Instructions
    • Tools Needed:
      • Tape Measure
      • Pencil
      • Drill & Bits
      • Phillips Screwdriver
      • Level

Ashtray, cutters, lighters, fuel, air, etc. sold separately.

This new Cutting Station is hand made in Las Vegas, Nevada!

We’re planning for production sometime in 2021 .  You can Pre-Order NOW.

Please contact me for custom requests (finish, color, graphics, hardwood, etc.), and wholesale orders.

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