Cigar Stand by Stinky Cigar® 


hand painted  CIGAR  STAND by Stinky Cigar®

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Original Stinky Cigar® Design  

Cigar Stand .. .. .. is the name.  We deliberately did not use the word “ashtray” in the name because, it’s a “stand” for an ashtray and does not include an ashtray.  See?  🙂

Hand Painted sculpture of cigars and matchsticks made to hold any of the “Original” size ashtrays including the Mini Herf 8 and the Five Star models.

Please Note:  the “TALL” and “Box Pressed” ashtray models will fit .. .. .. but, it’s kind of close to the handle grip.. .. .. because these models are too TALL.

Easy assembly, very easy!  No tools required.

Stinky Cigar® ashtrays sold separately

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