Stinky Cigar® Ash Knocker


Stinky Cigar® Ash Knocker

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Stinky Cigar® Ash Knocker is for cigar or pipe smokers.  It gives you and your guests a spot to knock off ash from your cigars.  “Please don’t wipe your ash on my cigar stirrups!

Ashtray Models

For PIPE smokers, it’s a platform for a stick-on cork ball to tap out your pipe.

If you smoke pipes .. .. .. just include a note with your order and I’ll add a stick-on cork ball for you.

Fits the TALL Ashtrays, Floor Ashtrays and the Box Pressed models ONLY !

No tools needed.  Just use a good grip with your fingers.


Please Note:                The Ash Knocker aka Pipe Knocker is made for TALL, Box Pressed and Floor Ashtrays.  If you are planning to use the Ash Knocker with a Magnet Kit (on a Floor Ashtray), you will need to cut-off and modify the threaded end to fit the Magnet Kit.  Feel free to contact me for specific directions and a drawing to make this simple modification.

(Magnet Kits and Ashtrays Sold Separately)

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