Cigar Ashtray FAQ

Cigar Ashtray FAQ

Cigar Ashtray

Cigar and Cigar Ashtray Questions.

How to buy a cigar?

First-timers stay away from the higher-priced cigars,  There are plenty of cheaper cigars out there that hold top ratings. The construction of your cigar and tobacco quality are the most important factors. The cigar’s construction determines how smooth and even the draw is when you smoke it.  Make sure the cigar’s outside doesn’t have any lumps. Also, check that the body is not too soft or void of filling. You want the cigar to have a nice even consistency and fill. 

The second important factor when buying a cigar is tobacco quality.  You know which brands use good quality tobacco mainly based on reputation. Ask friends or look for ratings. Just remember to purchase one cigar at a time instead of buying boxes at the beginning when you first start. 

How to properly smoke a cigar?

The technique of smoking cigars is a nice pace and rhythm. First, you don’t want to smoke too slow because you don’t want the cigar to go out and you want to avoid smoking too fast which doesn’t allow you to enjoy the notes in the cigar

You want a slow, smooth draw into your mouth. We recommend a range of 4 or 5 counts and gently allowing the smoke out of your mouth. Remember, we don’t inhale cigars, and if you are new, it will make you feel ill. You will learn your own pace of smoking with practice and enjoying different types of cigars.   

How to Light up a cigar? 

We recommend using a Butane lighter. If you use Matches, get matches with a longer stick, and stay away from Zippo lighters. The most important thing to remember is this:  the top part of the flame is the hottest, not the actual flame, so use the rising heat from the flame to toast the cigar all around. Do not let the flames touch the cigar.

The second important thing is the angle you hold your lighter and your cigar from each other. Make sure you light up all the foot of your cigar and make sure it’s evenly lit. Try to light up the cigar at 360 degrees radius,  use the band of your cigar as a gauge when you see the flame light up rotate the cigar.  If you see the flame light up again, turn your cigar again four times until you are at 360 degrees radius lit. Also, you can flip your cigar and blow on the end of the cigar to see how well it lit up.  You can see any areas that aren’t currently lit and quickly touch up for a perfectly lit cigar.

Can I make two cigars by cutting the cigar in half? 

We don’t recommend it because one cigar may be stronger and one softer. You will not get the full experience. Smoking a cigar from start to finish allows you to experience different tastes as the cigar reaches the end. 

What kind of blends should I start with? 

Start with a mild-flavored cigar. Some cigars may be too strong and may ruin the experience of enjoying your cigar. Mild-flavored cigars are also slightly cheaper, So you won’t have to worry about lighting a cigar incorrectly or cutting off too much of the cap of your cigar.

How do you ash your cigar?

The best way to remove your ash is to bring your cigar to the edge of the ashtray and give it a small roll.  You don’t want to tap your cigar; it will make the ash go everywhere.  Remember that cigars are delicate, and you want to avoid a crack in the wrapper. If you get a crack, it would be similar to the experience of drinking with a broken straw.

When do you ash your cigar? 

You don’t want to get your ash too long. Too much ash draws air, and it will tint some of the flavors.

You want to leave little ash on the cigar because the ash acts as an insulator. The insulation helps hold the heat, so you don’t have to keep relighting continually.

The ash, what it says about your cigar?

The First time you ash your cigar, you can see the construction of your cigar if the ash is like a pyramid shape or a cone shape, its an indication that the cigar is made with different types of tobacco from different parts of the plant burning more evenly. If the leaves are rolled in a different way, they don’t burn evenly.

Remember, you can only analyze the cigar the first time you ash it. 

How do I know if my cigar is out? 

Blowback through the cigar. If it has smoke coming out, it’s not out yet. 

Can I save my cigar for another day latter? 

The answer is NO because the smoke has been filtered, traveling true the cigar while smoking. There is a residue of that smoke that has settled in the cigar, and the next time you relight it after 12 or 24 hours later, you’ll be smoking tobacco that has already combusted. It will taste terrible and be very unpleasant. Try to buy your cigars with the time that you have. A shorter cigar may be a better choice if you cannot smoke a full-length cigar.

I have a powdery substance on my cigar. Is it safe to smoke?

The white residue on your cigar is what we call plum. Sometimes its also referred to as bloom. It’s a natural occurrence caused by cigars, that sweat off oils that are inherent by tobacco. Just remove the residue before smoking the cigar.

However, if the residue is a blueish color and stains on the wrapper when you dust it off, the cigar has mold. High humidity levels or high temperatures frequently cause the mold. It’s crucial to keep your humidor in optimal temperature, which will avoid the problem. You should also make sure to use distilled water in your humidification device, which will also prevent this issue.

Why do I see people dip cigars in their alcohol like Cognac?

Decades ago, cigars were shipped much drier, and the humidification process and technology we’re not the same as today. Dipping the cigars Brought moisture back into a dry cigar. Today, however, cigars are generally dipped for the flavor or smoky taste when being dipped. Also, it’s a tradition among some gentlemen that has continued through the years.

Is it true I should only smoke a cigar halfway?

It would be best if you stopped smoking a cigar when you no longer are enjoying it and not by how far down the cigar you are. Some people recommend stopping towards the end because the cigar gets hotter and more potent as tar and flavors build up in the head of the cigar. But the general rule is that you stop when you no longer like the taste.

What does it mean if my cigar has holes?

Beetles are one of the most devastating problems found in humidors because they can quickly destroy a cigar or supply up cigars. Once you have Beatles, they can be a significant pain. They are microscopic, and they occur naturally in tobacco, and despite the quality control efforts, they frequently make it into the market.

If you see this happen, you can kill The Beatles by freezing the cigars for three days, and then you would move them into the fridge for one day. After this process, you will have to get them back into the right humidification.

Holes are no fun and can cause an issue when you try to take a draw. It would be best if you talked to a cigar specialist on how to configure your humidor correctly.

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